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 Academic library

Academic library

Seinäjoki UAS Academic Library and information services

The Seinäjoki UAS Academic Library forms a network of libraries including the Campus library and Health Care Library in Seinäjoki and the Agriculture Library in Ilmajoki. The libraries are open to all users. The library acquires materials which support studies and theses work as well as literature, journals and electronic materials supporting research, development and innovation activities.

Teaching in the University of Applied Sciences emphasises independent information acquisition. Students are encouraged to use field-related sources of information as well as library and information services.

Together with teachers in the degree programmes, the information specialists at the Seinäjoki UAS Academic Library are responsible for the information acquisition teaching, which is included in the curricula. The library staff also offers other guidance and consultation. The institution's libraries have computers for students to use to search for information and do other work. Students also have access to the libraries' electronic material on their home computers through remote access.

Students can browse the materials database in the Seinäjoki UAS Academic Library at http://plary.amkit.fi

The location and opening hours for the libraries are on the Seinäjoki UAS Academic Library website: http://kirjasto.seamk.fi/in_english

Kalevankatu 35 (Kampus building)
FI-60100 Seinäjoki
Tel: +358 20 124 5040 (info)

Koskenalantie 16
FI-60220 Seinäjoki
Tel: +358 20 124 5030 (info)

Ilmajoentie 525
FI-60800 Ilmajoki
Tel: +358 20 124 5711

ops.seamk.fi - Kampusranta 11, 2nd floor (Frami F), 60320 SEINÄJOKI - Puhelin: +358 20 124 5000 - Faksi: +358 20 124 5001 - opintotoimisto@seamk.fi