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 Language courses

Language courses

Language teaching at Seinäjoki UAS

The aim of the language and communications studies at Seinäjoki UAS is to:

  • provide students with solid skills in their mother tongue and at least English and Swedish. 
  • ensure students' language skills fulfil the needs of the working world.
  • provide students with an understanding of various cultures and the knowledge they need to work in multicultural environments. 
  • motivate students to constantly develop their communication skills.

Language studies

The aim of the language and communications studies at Seinäjoki UAS is to develop students' communication skills and support their studies as well as to help them in coping with situations where expertise is needed and with the challenges posed by the globalising working world.

Students at Seinäjoki UAS may study English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Portugal and Russian as well as Finnish language and cultre and Finnish as a second language.

All of the students enrolled at the university may attend the optional language courses. See Free-choice studies for the course information.

There are also online language courses available. Information pertaining to these courses is available under the descriptions of the language courses.

Seinäjoki UAS Language Services

The purpose of the Language Services at Seinäjoki UAS is to

  • create opportunities for high-quality language teaching and a wide range of languages from which students may choose. 
  • assist the UAS staff in issues relating to translations and language consulting>
  • promote the connections between the UAS and the working world. 

We serve students and staff by offering:

  • information about the languages offered at Seinäjoki UAS. 
  • language studies as needed, e.g. rare languages. 
  • Finnish instruction for foreign students. 
  • Preparatory Swedish and English courses to support the compulsory language courses.

School of Business and Culture
Frami F, Kampusranta 11
FI-60320 Seinäjoki

Heli Simon
Language co-ordinator, German teacher
Tel: +358 (0)40 830 4129

Päivö Laine
Principal Language Lecturer
Tel: +358 (0)40 830 4175

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