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 General registration procedures

General registration procedures

Students studying for a degree in a university of applied sciences must register as a student every academic year by the set deadline. Students may register themselves through the student interface of the study management system or in writing. Only students registered as attending are entitled to study and receive grades for completed courses.

New students must register themselves at the same time they confirm their study place at the institution. At this time, they register for the entire academic year.

Students who confirm their placement but who wish to postpone the start of their studies through a notification of absence must register the following year observing the same dates as the new students accepted into the degree programme in question.

A student continuing their studies shall register as a student for the whole academic year at a time between 15 April and 1 August. A student continuing their studies can change their registration data for a well-founded reason during the registration period (15 April to 1 August) or during the change of semester (1 December to 15 January).

For more information concerning registration, please contact the Student Affairs Office of the faculty.

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