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Seinäjoki has an abundance of student housing around the city. The Marttilan Kortteeri organisation, owned by the City of Seinäjoki, offers housing services to students in Seinäjoki and also assists international students with their housing arrangements. Housing services include a utility room, saunas and other places to gather.

Each apartment has a broadband Internet connection. Students must apply for accommodation with an online application form, which can be found on the Marttilan Kortteeri website. Local real estate agents also offers flats to let. For more information on private sector housing, see http://www.seinajoki.fi/tekniikka/asuminen/


Students may live in the dormitory in the vicinity of the school or in the Palonkortteeri student dormitory (address: Kauppatie 26, 60800 Ilmajoki) in the centre of Ilmajoki. The dormitories in the immediate vicinity of the school have four double-occupancy rooms, a common lounge and shared shower and toilets. The students have access to the Vakka student restaurant, self-service laundry, a new gym, a sports hall and saunas. Applications for the dorms are available on Seinäjoki UAS's website (in Finnish) or at the Students Affairs Office in the school. For more information, contact Seppo Kukkonen at +358 (0)40 680 7160 evenings 6 - 10 pm.

Palonkortteeri has rooms for students and youth: dormitory-type rooms, single-occupancy rooms and family apartments. Information on accommodation in Palonkortteeri is also available on Seinäjoki UAS's website (in Finnish), at the Students Affairs Office in the school or at the superintendent's office in Ilmajoki. For applications and additional information, contact the Municipality of Ilmajoki/Nelli Hemminki, P.O. Box 23, 60800 Ilmajoki. Tel: +358 (0)6 419 1260, GSM: +358 (0)44 419 1260.

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