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 Education offered at Seinäjoki U

Education offered at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

Fields of Education

  • Culture
  • Social sciences, business and administration
  • Natural sciences
  • Technology, communication and transport
  • Natural resources and the environment
  • Social services, health care and sports
  • Tourism, hospitality management and domestic services

Education leading to a bachelor's degree

Students studying at a university of applied sciences receive a bachelor's degree upon completion of their studies. The extent of the studies is either 210 or 240 ECTS credits, and the duration varies between 3.5 and 4 years depending on the programme.

The more significant objectives of the studies include professional development and growth into expertise. The competences required by working life form the basis of the curricula. Theoretical studies are supported by a strong connection with working life, for example in practical training, development tasks, projects and thesis work.

In addition to knowledge and skills in one's professional field. a graduate from a university of applied sciences need skills in planning and evaluation, decision-making, creativity, as well as social skills. These qualities are trained in different learning situations typical to university study: during lectures and exercises, team assignments and through contacts with the working life.

Students learn through a variety of methods and in various surroundings led by a teacher, through independent study or in virtual learning environments. Students also have an opportunity to study or do their practical training abroad.

Education leading to a master's degree

The University of Applied Sciences master's degree is a new type of higher education degree, the aim of which is to combine studies and the development of the working world. The education students obtain is practical and geared toward the needs of working world. The degree provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to work in demanding development and management duties requiring expert knowledge of their field and offers new opportunities for career development. The qualifications acquired during studies are equivalent to a master's degree completed at an academic university.

The University of Applied Sciences master's degree is intended for people who have a university of applied sciences bachelor's degree or similar higher education degree and three years' work experience in the field. The extent of the degree is either 60 or 90 ECTS credits depending on the field.

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences offers seven programmes leading to a master's degree:

Degree programme Head of degree programme
Development of Agriculture and Rural Enterprises Jussi Esala, Tel: +358 (0)20 124 5745
Social Work Timo Toikko, Tel: +358 (0)40 830 4189
Entrepreneurship and Business Competence  Anne-Maria Aho, Tel: +358 (0)40 830 4173
International Business Management (in English) Anne-Maria Aho, Tel: +358 (0)40 830 4173
Construction Pauli Huhtamäki, Tel: +358 (0)40 830 4151
Development and Management of
Social Work and Health Care 
Eija Kyrönlahti, Tel: +358 (0)40 830 2202
Technology Competence Management  Pauli Huhtamäki, Tel: +358 (0)20 124 5310

Adult education leading to a bachelor's degree

Seinäjoki UAS provides degree-level programmes intended for adult students. The degree programmes vary annually, because they are designed to meet the needs of the labour market. The curricula for the programmes for full-time students. The extent of most degree programmes is either 210 or 240 credits.

The University of Applied Sciences may offer education leading to a UAS degree to people who have previously completed studies in a corresponding field in a college, vocational institution of higher education or other institution of higher education. In this case, the previous degree may be used to replace some of the required studies. The schools will provide more information concerning the acceptance of prior studies and the academic semesters.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the University of Applied Sciences may offer conversion training, based on a specific need nationally or regionally, which leads to a UAS degree. The existing degree is supplemented to correspond to a UAS degree in a specified field.

Prospective students seeking to take part in adult education leading to a UAS degree should apply during application period for adult education. Online applications can be filled out at www.amkhaku.fi.

The Polytechnics Act (L351/2003) and decree on the joint application system for universities of applied sciences (A353/2003) define the stipulations for accepting new students, entrance requirements and the student selection process.

Professional specialisation studies

Professional specialisation studies offered in universities of applied sciences are extensive supplementary studies, which support professional development. The specialisation studies comprise high-quality study modules that provide students with specialised expertise. They are primarily intended for people with a university of applied sciences degree. The university's own quality control system and national course registration guarantee the high quality of the courses offered. The extent of Professional specialisation studies is 30-60 credits.

The Student Affairs Offices in each faculty at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences have additional information about the professional specialisation studies offered in the institution.

Prospective students who wish to apply for professional specialisation studies must apply directly to faculty in question during the separate application period. The application period varies according to degree programme. The application period, etc. is announced in newspapers and on Seinäjoki UAS's website at www.seamk.fi

Open University of Applied Sciences

As the name suggest, the studies offered at the Open University of Applied Sciences are open to everyone, and they comprise primarily courses and more extensive blocks of study, which are a part of the degree programmes and which are included in the curriculum. Open UAS students most commonly study together with degree students in placements reserved for them. Studies completed in the Open UAS are accepted toward those needed to complete a degree according to same principle as other studies. Students completing more extensive studies compile a Personal Study Plan. For more information concerning courses offered in the Open UAS and the practices carried out there, see www.seamk.fi/avoinamk (in Finnish).

Continuing education

Continuing education is a flexible and multifaceted type of adult education, which is carried out together with various commissioners requesting training and possible sponsors. Continuing education courses are usually shorter in duration than other types of education, and studies are often in the form of projects.

For more information about continuing education, see:
www.seamk.fi/tkpalvelut (in Finnish)

Additional information about adult and supplementary education

For more information about the adult education offered at Seinäjoki UAS, see www.seamk.fi/aikuiskoulutus (in Finnish), or contact the Student Affairs Office for the faculty of interest. For brochures and other enquiries about adult education, etc., send an email to aikuiskoulutus@seamk.fi.


Number of students and staff at Seinäjoki UAS Number
Total number of students 4650
Adult education students 600
Seinäjoki UAS staff 417

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