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General admission requirements

Prospective students who wish to apply to degree programmes (bachelor- and master-level) in a university of applied sciences must apply during the application period, which is the same nationwide. There is a separate application period for applying to degree programmes in foreign languages. The Seinäjoki UAS Admissions Office is responsible for matters concerning the nationwide application period and the separate application period. Nearly all degree programmes require that prospective students sit an entrance examination. Other criteria for being accepted into the university include previous grades, students' own priorities for admission, work experience and often a preliminary assignment.

The general entry requirements for admission to universities of applied sciences:

  • Matriculation examination for upper secondary school of equivalent
  • International Baccalaureate, Reiseprüfung or European Baccalaureate examinations
  • Basic vocational qualification
  • Qualification in vocational upper secondary education
  • Qualification in combined vocational and upper secondary education
  • Basic vocational qualification or joint studies in adult education
  • Corresponding international or foreign qualification

Detailed entry requirements are defined in the Act on Universities of Applied Sciences (351/2003, § 20). Universities of applied sciences observe independently set principles for entrance examinations and selecting students. However, the institutions are committed to extensive collaboration and observing the general selection criteria in different fields of study.

More detailed information concerning admissions requirements and selection criteria is available at http://www.koulutusnetti.fi/ and www.seamk.fi/admissions.

Accepting a study place

Once a prospective student has received a letter of acceptance to study at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, he/she must confirm to accept that place by the beginning of the academic year. If the student does not enrol within the allotted time, he/she is considered to have given up the right to study in the institution. Written notification of accepting the study place is binding and cannot be cancelled or changed.

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