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 International aspects of education

International aspects of education

Internationalisation in the curriculum

International relations are an integral part of higher education. During their studies, students learn about the challenges internationalisation poses on the experts in different fields and how to utilise internationalisation in the development of their field and area of specialisation. Students are provided with the skills they need deal with international activities when working abroad or in international projects, but also when working in Finland.

In addition to language skills and skills needed to communicate with people from other countries, a graduate from a higher-education institution needs skills in utilising the latest research information and data communications connections, a broad perspective and knowledge about the various sectors in society, as well as innovation, flexibility, initiative and sensitivity in encountering various situations.

Tuition in English

Each year, Seinäjoki UAS offers approximately 1000 credits worth of foreign-language teaching, of which the university's own students as well as exchange students and degree students can take advantage. The Degree Programme in International Business (BBA) and Degree Programme in Nursing are two of the bachelor's programmes offered at Seinäjoki UAS that are taught completely in English. We have a master's level degree programme, Master's Degree Programme in International Business Management, which is taught completely in English as well. In addition to these, there are also a number of modules in various fields, which are taught in English and which last about one semester. 

The literature and other study material for various courses may also be in a foreign language. The number of degree programmes leading to a double degree increases each year. For example our business students have the opportunity to complete a degree in a German partner institution alongside the degree they complete at Seinäjoki UAS. A wide selection of courses in foreign languages and cultures is also available to students. 

The UAS degree includes compulsory courses in both Finnish and Swedish and one or two foreign languages. Students may also take optional language courses to further their language skills or to learn a completely new language and culture. Studies in the Finnish language and culture are offered to foreign exchange and degree students year round, in cooperation with other organisations offering Finnish language tuition.

Student mobility

National and international networking is the prerequisites for engaging in international activities. Seinäjoki UAS has international partner institutions in 44 different countries: about 160 in Europe and about 40 altogether in Asia, North and South America, Russia, Australia and Africa.

All students who attend Seinäjoki UAS have the opportunity to study or do their practical training abroad, and they are encouraged to do on long exchanges, i.e. exchanges lasting at least three (3) months. Each year, approximately one-fifth of our students go on a long exchange to study or do their practical training, the average length of stay abroad being 5 months. Half of them go abroad through EU degree programmes. Additionally, about 300 students go abroad for shorter periods each year. The most popular destinations are Germany, Spain and the Baltic countries. Other countries that attract students include the United States, South Korea, China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya, Australia, Argentina, and the Eastern European countries, as well as.

Students have the opportunity to do their practical training abroad in a company or organisation they have chosen themselves if the placement fulfils the goals of their studies. Our partner institutions assist students in finding desired placements in the country of destination. Seinäjoki UAS utilises the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Students are offered the Diploma Supplement as an appendix to their Finnish degree diploma.

The amount of foreign exchange students arriving to Seinäjoki UAS is more than those leaving to go abroad. Foreign exchange students have the opportunity to take part in orientation studies and social programmes throughout the year. The student tutors and members of the SAMO student union actively participate in the various activities organised for foreign exchange students; it is a part of the so-called internationalisation at home activities. More information concerning the orientation studies and social programmes for foreign exchange students is available on the English web-pages for Seinäjoki UAS.

Seinäjoki UAS degree students are entitled to financial aid to study for do their practical training abroad. State-provided student financial aid and housing supplements are available to students with Finnish citizenship while they study abroad. In addition to the insurance provided by the university, students should also have travel insurance and possibly other types of insurance for the period of their stay abroad.

Before going abroad, students with Finnish citizenship are should visit the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) to make sure they are covered under social security and health care insurance. Students with Finnish citizenship can pick up the necessary forms (for example Y39) and European Health Insurance Card at the KELA office. A vaccination scheme must also be filled out together with the nurse of doctor. The co-ordinators for international affairs in Seinäjoki UAS's schools, the international services department, the Intranet and the Applicant's Guide have more detailed information about the arrangements for going on a exchange.

International projects and conferences

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has about 20 ongoing international research and development projects each year. Students studying at the institute may join these projects, either in Finland or abroad, as part of their thesis. The projects may also involve study or training abroad.

Hosting international conferences and seminars each year supports the professional growth and career advancement of the students and staff at Seinäjoki UAS. Students can work as conference assistants in these international conferences and seminars, for which they receive not only a certificate, but also credit toward their studies.

Guidance, consultation and information about international matters

The heads of the degree programmes, teachers, student tutors, international coordinators and student advisers provide assistance to students interested in studying, working, etc. abroad. Information can also be obtained the international awareness events that take place in the faculties, orientation meetings, website, Intranet, guidebooks and e-mail.

Staff of international relations at Seinäjoki UAS:

School of Culture and Design

Eija Pennanen (eija.pennanen(at)seamk.fi)

Business School  

Ritva Leppänen: Business (ritva.leppanen(at)seamk.fi)
Marjo Arola: Entrepreneurship (marjo.arola(at)seamk.fi)
Kirta Nieminen: Hospitality Management (kirta.nieminen(at)seamk.fi)

School of Agriculture and Forestry  

Anna Tall: Agriculture  (anna.tall(at)seamk.fi)
Pirkko Kivinen: Forestry (pirkko.kivinen(at)seamk.fi)

School of Health Care and Social Work

Tiina Harju (tiina.harju(at)seamk.fi)

School of Technology

Tapio Pihlajaniemi (tapio.pihlajaniemi(at)seamk.fi)

International Office

Helli Kitinoja, Director of International Affairs

Tiina Välimäki, Coordinator of International Affairs

Maria Loukola, Coordinator of International Affairs and Communications

Heini Syrjälä, Financial and Project Secretary

Riina Luttinen, Project Manager, ERDF project

Student Union SAMO


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