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Financial support for students

International students are not usually eligible for the state financial aid. However, students who are not citizens of Finland but live in Finland on a permanent basis for purposes other than studying (for example, work or family ties) are eligible for student financial aid. They must be registered as permanent residents in the Finnish population register system. The purpose of residency in Finland is determined by reference to such matters as the residence permit, registration or acceptance to an educational institution.

The home institution(s) of international exchange students may offer scholarships or other financial aid to them. The Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences offers yearly ten scholarships for international students having their practical placement in the Seinäjoki region. Also some African students receive a grant from the national North-South-South Programme. The International coordinators and International Office will inform students concerning different types of grants.

The student financial aid for students completing a university of applied sciences degree is granted according to the regulations and disbursements for higher education institutions. An institution of higher education refers to the educational institutions and art academies as stated in the act concerning the development of higher education institutions (1052/1986) and to the universities of applied sciences as stated in the Polytechnics Act (351/2003). (www.finlex.fi)

The maximum periods of funding according to the extent of a programme are:
- 210 cr/3.5 yrs.: 42 academic months
- 240 cr/4 yrs.: 46 academic months

The Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has a Financial Aid Board, the activities of which are stipulated in legislation. The Financial Aid Board also has an ordinance approved by the UAS Board, which contains more detailed stipulations for processing and dealing with issues pertaining to financial aid matters. The Seinäjoki UAS Financial Aid Board advises students in financial aid matters at 

  • E-mail: opintotukilautakunta@seamk.fi
  • Street address: Keskuskatu 34, 2nd floor (Kampus building)
  • Postal address: P.O. Box 412, FI-60101 SEINÄJOKI
  • Free service number for students: +358 800 122 227

Decisions concerning financial aid for students attending Seinäjoki UAS are made at the Social Insurance Institution of Finland in the Seinäjoki district: 

  • Street address in Seinäjoki: Kalevankatu 17 A, FI-60101 SEINÄJOK
  • Postal address: P.O. Box 134, FI-60101 SEINÄJOKI

For more information concerning student financial aid, call the Social Insurance Institution of Finland at +358 (0)20 692 209, or visit www.kela.fi.

Students with an online banking account in Finland can also log on to the Social Insurance website at www.kela.fi/asiointi.

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