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 Seinäjoki UAS research

Seinäjoki UAS research, development and innovation activies

The Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences research, development and innovation activities (RDI) aim for applying theory to practice. This means, for example, the development of new methods, applications, models and programmes. RDI activies enable students to increase their working life knowledge and skills in a worthwhile way. Team working and project management skills are needed in all areas of work.

RDI activities are carried out in all faculties of Seinäjoki UAS. Activies focus on developing the expertise of Seinäjoki UAS and the needs of regional clients in given fields.

At Seinäjoki UAS, RDI activities are integrated into teaching through various integration formats. For example, Projektipaja and Agro Living Lab and the Habitcentre Living Lab, all of which are user-oriented formats used to develop methods for planning and assessment, offer students the opportunity to carry out development projects for companies.


The RDI activities in Seinäjoki UAS comprise projects and services. The institution participates in the projects as an expert in applied research. The projects are usually research and development projects put together by many different stakeholders. International projects are also becoming more common. Students may take part in projects during the study modules they take.

Also, the numerous theses produced by our students are an important resource in research and development. A thesis commissioned by a company or organisation gives the student hands-on knowledge of the working world. It may also open the door to a future job position.


Expertise at Seinäjoki UAS is developed into a product and offered at the market price to clients as services. New service ideas may develop from projects, and new projects ideas from services. In this way, projects and services support each other.

Fee-based training, research and development services are mainly produced in the individual schools. For example, the Business School offers market research and business services, the School of Engineering produces laboratory and testing services and the School of Healthcare and Social Work offers evaluation, consultation and training services. The Regional Higher Education Centre reinforces research and development in the Lake District and Kauhava region.

For more information about the university's research and development services, see: www.seamk.fi/rd

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