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 Study regulations

Study regulations

Student are entitled to complete the studies leading to a UAS degree in a chosen field of study as defined in the degree programme and respective curriculum and in the UAS Degree Regulations. Students' Personal Study Plan is based primarily on the curriculum of the academic year when they began their studies. The curriculum is revised each academic year, which may cause changes the courses offered in a given degree programme.

Degree Regulations

The general regulations and guidelines for courses, studying and degrees are available in the Seinäjoki UAS Degree Regulations. Students are encouraged to read these regulations to gain an overall understanding of what is required.

The Degree Regulations for Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences are available on the Seinäjoki UAS Intranet: http://intra.epedu.fi

Study entitlement

The maximum duration of the studies for full-time students must not exceed the duration of the programme by more than one year. A full-time student may register as 'absent' for two semesters. This period of absence is not included in the maximum duration of the studies. An absent student may not continue with his/her studies and he/she is not entitled to student financial aid. In the event a student loses his/her right to study, the guidelines pertaining to fees in the Act (351/2003) and Decree (1230/2009) on Univeristy of Applied Sciences are observed.

Students are required to engage in the tasks required for each course to ensure they achieve the objectives for each course. Students are notified of the tasks and methods of teaching and learning, as well as of how a given course will be assessed. at the beginning of each course.

Registering for examinations

Students are not required to register for course-end examinations unless instructed to do so. In the event registration is required, students must do so seven (7) days prior to the examination date at the latest.

Faculties may offer students the opportunity to re-take an examination or to raise their grade on a general exam day. The practices for each degree programme are available in the faculties' guidelines. Not showing up for an examination is considered as one attempt.


Assessment is a part of the learning and teaching process, the purpose of which is to measure how well students have achieved course objectives. Assessment may involve oral or written examinations, assignments or is implemented through other types of assessment. In addition to the assessment of knowledge (depending on curriculum) it may include the assessment of working methods and attitudes. Depending on the course in question, students' attitudes and ways of working and observing may also be assessed.

Students are primarily graded according to the following numerical scale:

  • Excellent: 5
  • Good: 4 - 3
  • Satisfactory: 2 - 1
  • Failed: 0

Courses may also be graded on a pass/fail basis. Grades for assignments, exams, etc. are assessed and entered into the transcript database within one month or the completion of the assignment/exam, unless otherwise agree upon. However, the grades for studies completed during the summer months (June, July and August) are not entered into the database until September.

Students are entitled to know the assessment criteria used to assess their studies. The results of completed studies are kept for at least six (6) months after the results have been announced. Students dissatisfied with their grade may request a rectification from the teacher who gave the grade and, if necessary, from the Board of Examiners.

Course records in WinhaWille

With the WinhaWille student interface of the teaching administration programme, WinhaPro students can register themselves as students, follow the progression of their studies and register for courses. WinhaWille is accessed with the network username at http://winha.seamk.fi.

Course codes

Each and every course offered at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has its own course code, which abides by a certain code system. Students may need these codes when registering for courses. For example the KH14AAIL080 depicts the following information about a course:

  • K (level of teaching) = higher-education training
  • H (school/faculty) = School of Culture and Design
  • 14 (degree programme) = Degree Programme in Design
  • A (category) = Basic Studies
  • AIL080 (course) = Photography

Degree certificates

Students ready for graduation should notify their school's Student Affairs Office two months before the date of intended graduation and request their degree certificate two weeks before they intend to graduate. More detailed information, necessary forms and the graduation dates are on Seinäjoki UAS Intranet.

The UAS/faculty grants students a degree certificate as proof of the degree they have completed. The degree certificate and its appendices contain the courses a student has completed, the extent of the courses and grades, language skills and the language of the Maturity Test.

Students are entitled, upon request, to receive an English version of their degree certificate. Every student receives a Diploma Supplement in English, which is an appendix to the degree certificate. The Diploma Supplement contains a description of the Finnish educational system, the student's field of study and transcripts in English.

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