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Administration and academic authorities

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in maintained by the Joint Municipal Authory for Education, which comprises 20 South-Ostrobothnian municipalities.  The Joint Municipal Authority also runs Seinäjoki Vocation Education Centre (Sedu), which provides secondary-level vocational education, and the Vocational Adult Education Sedu, which offers occupational training and apprenticeships. The entire Joint Municipal Authority employs more than 1200 people.

The council of the Joint Municipal Authority holds the supreme power of decision, while the board of the Joint Municipal Authority is the highest executive authority. Dr Tapio Varmola is both president of the Joint Municipal Authority and rector of the University of Applied Sciences.

The board of the University of Applied Sciences, the chairperson of which is the rector of the University of Applied Sciences, is responsible for the activities at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The Board consists of members representing the academic and non-academic staff and students of the university as well as representatives of the working world. The Board is responsible for decisions concerning the strategies and quality assurance for research and development activities, processing rectification request pertaining to student selection and budgeting. It also nominates principal lecturers and approves the more significant collaboration agreements.

The University of Applied Sciences focuses on two main areas of activity: education and research and development. Vice President Jouni Niskanen is responsible for activities in education, while R&D Director Hannu Haapala is in charge of research and development activities. Tasks pertaining to central administration and coordination are carried out in the university office, which is located in the Campus building in Seinäjoki.

Seinäjoki UAS is a multi-disciplinary institution of higher education and regionally it covers the province of South Ostrobothnia. The institution engages in applied sciences teaching and research and development in the Schools of Health Care and Social Work, Business, Technology, Agriculture and Forestry and Culture and Design. Seinäjoki UAS has locations in Kauhajoki, Ilmajoki, Ähtäri, Jurva (Town of Kurikka) and in several locations in Seinäjoki. Adult education is also offered in the regional higher education center in Alajärvi and Kauhava. In addition to Seinäjoki, the academic library also has locations in other minicipalities.

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