Structure Type: Course
Code: KG30KEJO03
Type: Compulsory
Level: Master
Credits: 4.0 points
Responsible Teacher: Kyrönlahti, Eija
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Course Implementations, Planned Year of Study and Semester

Curriculum  Semester  Credits  Start of Semester  End of Semester
KEJO-2013   2 spring   4.0   2015-01-02   2015-07-31  
KEJO-2015   2 spring   4.0   2017-01-01   2017-07-31  
KEJO-2016   2 spring   4.0   2018-01-01   2018-07-31  

Learning Outcomes

Students know how to apply knowledge of entrepreneurship in development and managerial positions in social and health care settings. Students are aware of the complex nature of entrepreneurship and they refresh their thinking concerning entrepreneurship in the health and social field.

Student's Workload

104 h (32 classroom, 72 independently)

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

No previous studies are required.


Entrepreneurship today and tomorrow
Entrepreneurship in the field of health care and social work, its distinguishing characteristics
Starting business activity, financing and company forms
Women entrepreneurship
Internal and external entrepreneurship in guiding one’s own activity

Recommended or Required Reading

Aalto, A., Haapala, P-M. & Kettunen, S. 2012. Julkisten palveluiden rinnalla kumppaniksi yrittäjiä. Journal of Finnish Universities of Appliend Sciences. No 4.

Kainlauri, A. 2007. Ideasta hyvinvointialan yrittäjäksi. Juva: WSOY.

Metsämäki, R., Nummelin, M., Stolt, M.J. & Salminen, L. 2009. Hoivayrittäjyyden tuet ja kannattavuus. Teoksessa M. Stolt ja L. Salminen. (toim.) Hoivayrittäjyyden perusteita terveysalan opettajille. Turun yliopisto. Hoitotieteen laitoksen julkaisuja, tutkimuksia ja raportteja A:57/2009.

Sankelo. M. & Åkerblad, L. 2009. Nurse enterpreuners`well-being at work and associated factors. Journal of Clinical Nursing. Volume 18, Issue 22, 3190-3199.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures, independent study

Assessment Criteria

Satisfactory (1-2)
Students know how to describe entrepreneurship in the health and social field and to some extent are able to apply their knowledge in development and managerial work.

Good (3-4)
Students know how to compare knowledge of entrepreneurship in the health and social field and how to integreate it into development and managerial work in the field.

Excellent (5)
Students analyze latest knowledge of entrepreneurship in the health and social field and critically apply it to develoment and management.

Assessment Methods

based on individual assignments