The campuses and learning environments of SeAMK

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences gives its students diverse learning opportunities in a modern environment as regards technology and equipment. Our facilities provide students with the tools and space they need for active, diverse learning. Students can also participate in research and development projects and utilise SeAMK’s extensive international networks by studying abroad. By improving learning environments, the aim is to improve the working life orientation of the studies and to utilize the opportunities of information technologies and multidisciplinarity.

IT services

The Data Administration Services of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences are responsible for the development, maintenance and administration of the data networks, systems and applications used by SeAMK. The Data Administration Services also provide helpdesk and close support services for the University. With all their IT-related problems, students can get help from the "Jelppari" helpdesk, email:, email:, tel. +358 20 124 5064.

The computers at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences are connected to a data network, which is part of the national FUNET network (Finnish University and Research Network). In addition to the user regulations of SeAMK, users are therefore obligated to abide by the user regulations of FUNET, at

Upon acceptance of the regulations of the information systems, students receive a username and an e-mail address. Students need their user names when they log into any SeAMK computer, and they are valid for almost all the services. The username and password are personal, and everybody shall always use their own credentials to log in.

New students can start using their user IDs, passwords and email addresses as an online service even before starting their studies. This service functions with TUPAS identification (bank identifiers), and can be accessed when the student has confirmed they have accepted their study place. The service is available at

By approving the regulations of the information systems, students can be identified through the Vetuma service and proceed to the identifier management service.

Students can use their user IDs to log into the WinhaWille service where they can check their personal information and change their address details, if necessary. They can also check their Personal Curriculum and grades and take care of compulsory registration as an attending student. WinhaWille laso allows students to register for courses and exams. The address for logging into WinhaWille is

Students should also heed to the issues associated with data security for the good of everyone. Everyone who uses IT system shall abide by the regulations of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and other guidelines and rules for using the system, as well as the rules of good practice, and the Finnish law. The Data System Operating Rules are available at to abide by the regulations may result in temporary deactivation of the user’s user name.
Students can use their personal e-mail addresses and usernames throughout their studies provided that they abide by the regulations for use. The contents of e-mails and home directory are kept for at least one month after a student graduates; after this time, they will be deleted. The username will remain activated for seven days, after which it will be deactivated. The same applies to the case in which a student registers as not attending.