Finnish and international degree students of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences are insured by Vahinkovakuutusyhtiö If. Exchange students need to have their own insurances.

The statutory accident insurance of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences covers accidents and ensuing occupational diseases that students may be met by during their studies or practical training. To receive reimbursement for an accident or occupational disease, the accident must have occurred in conditions related to studying, i.e., when the student has participated in lectures, practical training and other forms of teaching, in a place defined by the course, teacher or institution. Students are also covered while in direct travel between the school or residence and the workplace where their practical training takes place. Eyeglasses broken in an accident are reimbursed in case physical damage occurs.

The statutory accident insurance is also valid abroad under certain conditions. Students who wish to study or work abroad must always find out in advance about the necessary insurance and other social security needed during travel, as well about the statutory requirements in the country of destination. Students are advised to contact the International Coordinator of their Faculty or Tapio Pihlajaniemi, the Manager of International Affairs of SeAMK, if they need more information pertaining to insurance and studying/working abroad.

SeAMK also has a voluntary group accident insurance for students, which covers students during their actual school hours, during teaching, during sports classes, during breaks after lessons, and when participating in curricular activities organized by the institution, such as sports competitions, excursions, visits to exhibitions, museums, factories, etc. and travel directly to and from the school. The insurance is valid all over the world under certain conditions. The precondition is that the accident is sudden and external, causing a bodily injury, as well as happening unintentionally on the part of the insured. This insurance does not cover sickness. Extra-curricular activities taking place in the facilities of the institution during the student’s leisure time are covered by the student’s own leisure time insurance.

During their practical training periods, trainees are also insured against possible material damage caused by them.

Students are advised to take out a voluntary home insurance in which the household effects are insured with large cover and small percentage excess. This way, the student’s own glasses, mobile phones, computers and luggage are covered in different situations. To check how high the premium is, contact you own insurance company or

In case of accident

  1. Go to the nearest provider of care and mention that you are insured, by order of SeAMK, by IF Oy.

  2. After the care, report the accident to the group or traineeship counsellor or to another person in charge near you and contact the person preparing accident reports at your Faculty (See list below)

  3. With the person in charge of insurances at your Faculty, submit an accident report to the insurance company.

    *) A new Accident Insurance Act took effect on 1 Jan 2016. It stipulates that the organizer of education is obligated to submit an accident report within 10 days of notification of the accident. For this, notification of the accident must be made without delay to people in charge of submitting accident reports. In the worst case, the insurance company may refuse to pay damages.

People in charge of insurance matters at Seinäjoki UAS

School of TechonolgyFinancial SecretaryRitva Hautala040 - 830 2190
Health CareHR SecretaryTarja Alahuhta040 - 830 2221
Social WorkFinancial SecretaryTerttu Lahti040 - 830 2222
Food and AgricultureHR and Financial SecretaryTeija Mansikkamäki040 - 680 7157
Business and CultureFinancial and HR SecretaryTeija Rintamäki040 - 830 3989
Office of SeAMK and othersFinancial and Adm. SecretaryRiitta-Liisa Toppari040 - 830 2158

The contact person for the insurances of Seinäjoen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy is Riitta-Liisa Toppari, who also submits accident reports if the contact person of the student’s own Faculty is absent from work or otherwise prevented.

Contact information: Riitta-Liisa Toppari, Tel. 040 830 2158,