Student counselling

The student counselling and consultation services are an integral part of the activities in the UAS. All of the schools in Seinäjoki UAS offer counselling and consultation services for their students. Counselling and consultation considers the needs and demands of both the students and the educational field. Student counsellors, international coordinators and practical training supervisors are chiefly responsible for student counselling in the schools. However, also teachers, student tutors, Student Affairs Office and library personnel participate in the counselling process. Study counselling concerns all the staff.

Study counselling

The purpose of study counselling is to support the student in achieving the general goals of their studies, choosing a suitable professional direction and career planning, as well as in the recognition of prior learning, the progression of studies and in possible problems pertaining to their studies. Counselling and consultation is provided in all stages of students' education, as group consultation and individually, based on individual needs. Being active and having a desire to receive counselling are crucial factors in student counselling.

Education counsellors in Seinäjoki UAS

School of Food and Agriculture

Ms Eija Putula-Hautala,
tel: +358 (0)40 830 3953

School of Business and Culture

Ms Ulla Autio,
tel: +358 (0)40 830 6067

Ms Päivi Uitti,
tel: +358 (0)40 830 2442

Mr Tero Turunen,
tel: +358 (0)40 830 2366

Mr Esa Leikkari,
tel: +358 (0)40 830 4270

Ms Sari Mäkinen-Laitila,
tel: +358 (0)40 868 0077

School of Health Care and Social Work 

Social Work and Elderly Care:
Ms Katriina Honkala,
tel: +358 (0)40 830 4186

Physiotherapy and Nursing:
Ms Tanja Hautala,
tel: +358 (0)40 868 0051

Ms Tellervo Pihlaja,
tel: +358 (0)40 830 3959

School of Technology 

Ms Pia-Mari Riihilahti,
tel: +358 (0)40 830 2355

Mr Heikki Heiskanen,
tel: +358 (0)40 840 4269

Mr Jorma Mettälä,
tel. +358 (0)40 830 7481

Mr Markku Lahti,
tel: +358 (0)40 830 2357

E-mails are in the form firstname.lastname(at)

Student tutors

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has students who are trained to tutor new students, especially at the beginning of their studies. Tutors offer peer support and guidance in issues concerning living in a new environment and studying at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The student tutors also participate in the marketing and representation of their faculty.

Career counselling

Students of the University of Applied Sciences actively build relationships with working life during their studies. They become familiar with various work environments and duties in practical project studies, visits to various workplaces, during their practical training and seminars related to working life as well as while they write their thesis. These experiences and contacts guide students down the path to choosing their line(s) of professional specialisation and prepare them for the challenges of working life.

The staff responsible for career services at the Faculties of SeAMK assists students in finding contacts and building relationships in working life: as part of their studies, a student acquires information about practical training placements and opportunities, plans their career and perceives their position in the labour market. Students also have access to related online services. As graduation or application periods for summer jobs approach, students may take advantage of the Jobstep Career and Recruitment Service of the Finnish Polytechnics ( The services offer students the opportunity to make electronic curriculum vitae. It is best to first turn to the practical training supervisor or head of degree programme in questions and issues pertaining to career counselling.

Consultation for studying abroad

The purpose of supervision for international study is to provide students with holistic support in their study process, professional development and life situation in general as it relates to international study.

Supervision for international study involves guidance for students going abroad and mobility and degree students arriving to the UAS as well as general guidance for all other students in their internationalisation process. Counselling and consultation for international study is divided into counselling for the types of courses, etc. students should consider taking while abroad, counselling that pertains to teaching arrangements, social integration and support activities.

Staff of international relations at Seinäjoki UAS

School of Business and Culture

Marjo Arola,

School of Food and Agriculture

Agriculture and forestry, Food Processing and Biotechnology:
Anna Tall,

Hospitality management:
Kirta Nieminen,

Tapio Pihlajaniemi,

School of Health Care and Social Work

Tiina Ojanperä,

School of Technology

Riikka Ala-Sankila

International Office

Tapio Pihlajaniemi,
Director of International Affairs

Tiina Välimäki,
Coordinator of International Affairs

Maria Loukola,
Coordinator of International Affairs and Communications

Julio Vallejo Medina,
Iberoamerican Coordinator

Student Union SAMO


Student services

Student services offers guidance and information related to academic and social issues, for example: registration, right to study, Transcript of Records, financial aid and graduating. Some documents, such as Transcript of Records can be ordered also by email, phone or online at Winha Wille.

The service desk at the second floor of the Frami F building is open from 9.00 to 15.00 from Monday to Friday. The student services are available to all the students of Seinäjoki UAS. Students can order a personal service time by sending email to opiskelijapalvelut(at) or by calling number +358 (0) 20 124 5055.

Frami Campus Student Services

Visiting address: Kampusranta 9, Frami A, 2nd floor, FI-60320 Seinäjoki
Visiting address: Kampusranta 11, Frami F, 2nd floor service desk, FI-60320 Seinäjoki

Ilmajoki Campus Student Services

Address: Ilmajoentie 525, FI-60800 Ilmajoki

School of Health Care and Social Work Student Services

Frami Campus: Keskuskatu 32 E, FI-60100 Seinäjoki, FINLAND
Koskenala Campus: Koskenalantie 17, FI-60220 Seinäjoki, FINLAND

Financial Aid Board

Postal address: P.O. Box 412, 60101 Seinäjoki
Street address: Kampusranta 11, Frami F 2nd floor
Tel: +358 (0)20 124 5008
Fax: +358 (0)20 124 5001

Admissions Office

The centralised Student Affairs Office/Admissions Office at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences functions in the Frami F building in Seinäjoki. The Student Affairs Office/Admissions Office handles issues pertaining to student applications and selection, financial aid, student study rights and studying in general, as well as counselling and consultation pertaining to student affairs administration. The Student Affairs Office provides services for applicants, students and clients for interest groups on a daily basis from 9:00 until 15:00. Our telephone service hours may differ from those mentioned above; information is provided on the web page of SeAMK at

Other academic support services

See the Study regulations -section where you will find information pertaining to the degree regulations, right to study, registration for exams, assessment, grades in WinhaWille, course codes and certificates.

Admissions Office

Postal address: P.O. Box 46, 60101 Seinäjoki
Street address: Kampusranta 11, Frami F 2nd floor
Tel: +358 (0)20 124 5023, +358 (0)20 124 5018
Fax: +358 (0)20 124 5001
hakijapalvelut(at), admissions(at)