Sports facilities and leisure activities


Seinäjoki has a diverse range of recreational activities for every season. There are 60 sports associations in the city that offer something for everyone. Floorball team Seinäjoen Peli-Veljet (SPV) has won Finnish Championship twice. There are several sports halls and gyms, as well as an artificial ice rink and swimming pool. There are several fitness and nature trails with lean-tos in the immediate vicinity of the city.

The city is well-known for the various events held there. Provinssirock gathers friends of rock music to Törnävänsaari in June and Vauhtiajot Race&Rock festival to Seinäjoki city centre in July. Seinäjoki Tango Festival gathers friends together for an upbeat dance and music event in July. The theatre in Seinäjoki is also an extremely popular entertainment venue. For more information about the varying recreational, cultural and fitness opportunities offered in Seinäjoki, see


There is a total of 75 places in the municipality of Ilmajoki, where residents can do sports and other types of fitness and recreation. These include outdoor sports fields, indoor fitness premises, swimming pools, outdoor fitness areas and special sports institutions. The Ilmajoki sports hall has a large gym, a fitness hall, training areas for wrestlers and a separate place for more small-scale type of exercise.

Ilmajoki is known for its music festivals and lively cultural life. Sights include the Yli-Laurosela homestead museum, the Ilkka statue, genuine peasant homesteads and the Alajoki river landscape. For more information about the cultural, recreational and sports services offered in Ilmajoki, see

Student union of Seinäjoki UAS SAMO organises many kinds of sports and cultural events to its members: gym, tournaments, student parties, events etc. Additional information